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New in 2024! Play & Experience Garden

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Discover, play, and learn in harmony with nature, open since March 2024.

From the Easter weekend of 2024, we invite you to explore the magic of our brand-new play and experience garden at Camping 't Geuldal. Situated in the beautiful Geuldal, this play and experience landscape stretches across an impressive 1-hectare terrain where adventure, nature, and education seamlessly merge. This unique addition to our campsite is not just a place for entertainment; it is a vibrant green oasis where both children and adults can uniquely experience and appreciate nature.

Experience ultimate family fun! Reserve one of our 10 exclusive family pitches now, located directly opposite the nature playground. Enjoy special moments with your family surrounded by nature and adventure. That's carefree enjoyment!


A play and experience garden that honors nature

Step into the magical world of our brand-new nature playground, spread across an impressive 1-hectare terrain. Admire the specially planted flora enriching not only the landscape but also playing a crucial role in preserving the local fauna in 't Geuldal. Our commitment to nature reflects our dedication to sustainability and biodiversity, aiming to provide a refuge for local animals such as beavers, midwife toads, hawfinches, and field pearl butterflies.

This unique play and experience garden, nestled in the heart of Camping 't Geuldal, forms a harmonious fusion of play, nature, and education, promising an unforgettable experience for young and old.

Inclusivity for everyone

At Camping 't Geuldal, we believe that every child, regardless of mobility, has the right to play, explore, and enjoy nature. The nature playground is carefully designed to be spacious and accessible for all children, including those with limited mobility or using a wheelchair.

Inspiration and Development: a place for everyone

When creating the play and experience garden, we were inspired by the unique nature of the Geuldal and the play needs of all ages. In collaboration with Boerplay, an expert in designing inclusive outdoor spaces, we've created a playground that caters to the diverse play styles of children and adults.

Every aspect of our play and experience garden is designed with the specific needs and preferences of these different play styles in mind. The emphasis is on play, sports, movement, meeting, and enjoyment. This ensures that this special landscape is not just a play area but an attractive outdoor space that meets the needs and desires of every camping guest.

A dynamic world full of adventure and experience

Our 1-hectare nature playground offers a range of activities, each thoughtfully designed to emphasize the themes of biodiversity and sustainability.

    Duck Pond

    An idyllic water feature where calmness and nature come together. Perfect for both relaxation and nature observation, this pond offers a serene environment where visitors can enjoy the soothing water and the charming sight of ducks gracefully floating.

    Play & Experience Garden

    A serene place for relaxation and contemplation, with a meeting point made of lying tree trunks, surrounded by diverse planting. It also includes a barefoot path for a unique, health-promoting walking experience.

    Forest & Flower Meadow

    Discover the diversity of nature through the explore forest and flower meadow. With an insect hotel and tasting garden where you can pick seasonal fruits. Home to a variety of plants and trees, contributing to biodiversity.

    Water Play Area

    A splashing attraction with water courses and play equipment, ideal for warm days. Stimulates motor skills such as climbing and balancing. Includes adventurous play islands where children can test their balance and agility.


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